Mike Madigan
1 min readOct 13, 2023

Who’s got what, it doesn’t matter.

My attitude…. ‘Just loving it all, that simple.’

Focus on your character, I remind myself… your story your pages your Beat your music. Feel your own music, change patterns that don’t serve you, I write in the journal.

Organizing monies. 10:31…. Only two things I want to get for myself. Of course a camera upgrade, and better espresso machine. Have enough for one, but not the other. Guess which is which..

Taking a minute to self, gratitude, thinking of all the amazing things, people, circumstances in my story presently. And there are many. So… I reserve the right to simply lean back into this chair, and enjoy. All of it.

No rush, just enjoying the Now. Taking a minute to stop, you could say. But it’s more than that. I’ve had moments like this before, but this, this new story, all of this office and room, these keys and how they feel. Different today. Truly, all of it.

I don’t say it a lot, but perspective. Regaining it, reshaping it, exploring my own translation of events.

Weapon against negative voices and those looking for combustion… no weapon. My deployment is a smile, love, soft conversation, then moving on to another project or pleasant interaction, more joy and safety, enjoyment of the Now.