When you recognize more purpose about your day and self..

Mike Madigan
1 min readOct 30, 2023

Hits you, something different, something healthy.

You needed this, you realize. So you keep moving forward. You don’t know the destination. That’s not the point.

You’re being the most you that you know how to do.

It is RECOGNITION. Of identity.. reality. Purpose and your own poetry and music.

One lesson in life I’m starting to really appreciate and navigate and to myself narrate is exploration, play… JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Now, at this age. Is it late, this realization and education? Is it on-time, or even early? Who knows. And honestly it doesn’t matter. I’m here, present, speaking my space and story.,.. the book I’m Living. I have to share this, with whomever needs it. Or even if they don’t… I’m speaking my Beat.

Everything is music, everything is love — and I vow to be About EVERYTHING. An ‘AE’, my own definition connotatively and deno’.

Know what I’m doing…. The Nurse’s words are a cherished chain around my space mentally. Everything she says… Lessons and education and love in all back and forth words and tones.

Thinking solves nothing. Starting a new Road…. MUSIC. Recognized play, quiet, collection.