Use what’s in the room, in this condo, from the growling washing machine

Mike Madigan
1 min readMar 1, 2024

upstairs, to the slow and spaced out drips down the vent on the side of the building.

The peace of this kitchen.. the lighting.

11:31, meeting ending 30 or so minutes ago, and now back to it. No vertical or singularity, that’s a mistake. SALES, what I’m writing about. And how it’s sales, but not. Relationships, yes, but that too is a sometimes disingenuous buzzword.

What’s in the room…. Me. My hunger and certainty that growth and more architecture is inevitable. Calming, caffeine wearing off…. Sales notes in sales journal.

Building a new something, no set definition yet. Listening to the washing machine and now dryer from floor above me. Raining a bit outside… how to sell the Now. My mind and what’s turning in it.

New attitude… language, Philosophy. Forecasting mood, only an incline, elevation increase. The only thing I can accept and afford. Remembering the story the Nurse told me yesterday, how she did not leave the chair because she couldn’t. It was her way to what she wanted, needed. More need than want.

And here I am, same story.