This latte is one of the strongest ever….

Mike Madigan
1 min readOct 18, 2023

Reading Daily Stoic, mind as a fighter. Interesting. Perception and interpretation. Learning more that what I think materializes and is demonstrative of so much. This new story, what I’m doing with these accounts and these businesses, advising and surveying, estimating and connecting on the most human of levels.

How can I not love this. How can I not put all my character — every tell, pulse, microfiber, synapse — HERE. Right where I’m sitting.

I’m alive in a way I haven’t been possibly ever. And when I think about how my kids will elevate and grow and live better from what I’m doing….. LOVE.

All of this. That is my Beat and renewed language. I’m healthier, mentally and otherwise. Every day, like something I’m dreaming. Sonoma County… no more commute.


Writing that is euphoric. I literally can’t believe this. Fire, me, all cells and thoughts, assured that I’m now in the Story’s apex, or one of them.

Latte and the strong encouraging rile of the day in tandem. Composition concert, for me and the kids.

Accepting this new happiness, this new love and collectivity. Grateful, so much it’s overwhelming.