Settling in, text from the Nurse. So sweet and full of expression and truth.

Mike Madigan
2 min readDec 19, 2023

Need some revenue generation today, that’s the goal. Espresso done, coffee waiting upstairs. No rain at the moment, but it did pour for most of the night.

Settling into the day, looking at calendar, what I need to do where I need be and with whom I’m talking.

Organizing everything. Still a couple gifts to get, can do that toward EOD. Putting everything on the MSP calendar, writing ticket for self.

A mile a minute, me now. Or maybe more than that. Yes, more.

Ticket made for self…. More notes. Nothing is stopping me today. Ever, really, but today especially I am sharp and fearless and certain about a lot, what will happen, how I will write this story and the form it’ll take.

All mornings and days are different. But there’s something in this morning’s makeup that has me with a new mind so made up. What I’m going to do for the rest of my life — WRITING. Wine and its stories, Sonoma County, or Napa, or wherever.

Coffee, slow eased beats, grateful in this chair. Client emails me about meeting, I’ll respond in a second. No rush. Taking time for SELF. Grace, tranquil, LOVE.

Meeting in 13 minutes, still time for me. Always take time for self, self-care, I remind myself. And it takes WORK. Realize that…