noting selfing — 1

Mike Madigan
2 min readFeb 13, 2024

Focusing on the short term but not too short, not too tunneled. Asynchronous perception of priorities and people, interactions. Telling myself not to think. As in, at all. To just write, type. Be furiously happy and free and in love and not just with the Nurse. With what we have, with what life is since meeting her.

Taking another moment for me, more thoroughly considering my psychology. Something I saw last night or the night before on IG reels or stories. How to acquire what you want, not waiting for permission to take possession, just deciding.

Shorter entries.. notes. You don’t have to wait for ANYTHING. Movement, your movement, your Beat. Have that be the obsession.

A note a day to Self. At least. Today — More than a belief in Self just know, knowledge that what you see for yourself and what you dream is factual. That will be you, that will be your stage…. the ‘That’ will soon be ‘This’. We have to change the way we think, the way we estimate our Now, ourselves, what we’re capable of.

When people have their moments of self-anointing condescension and buggery with expertise and perceived elevated display, never mind it. Let them have their moment. See yourself there… in your office or studio, kitchen, shop, gym, wherever it is. Attach yourself to the scene, the feel of it and what it communicates.