Noting Self Before Day Takes Off

In the morning, it’s imperative that no panic is present in your person. Keep moving. Know the day is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Want to stop at your local coffee spot and have a cup and scone? Then do just that. Let nothing and no-bloody-one obstruct your momentum. It’s morning, the beginning of the day’s narrative, so catapult yourself into an optimistic row, ocean — Be thunderous in all throws. Be creative, separate from normality, regularity, predictability. Any pattern that doesn’t excite you is poison. Drop random crumbs for yourself, see where they lead. Surprise yourself. Shock yourself. Make your self proud of itself. Be better at being you today than the yesterday-you did with its day.




author/creator of … #tirelesswriter, #papablogga

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Mike Madigan

Mike Madigan

author/creator of … #tirelesswriter, #papablogga

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