Not stopping. And why would I.

Mike Madigan
1 min readNov 29, 2023

Last night at dinner with CZ, he citing how short life is, why not be happy and ONLY do things you love. That is health.

Everyday is a startup, I said to him after we again went over how he started his company in true startup fashion and mood. That hunger, that momentum, BEAT, that gives you more in life in the day and the life you’re in already.

Personal note — I feel more than alive today. Like, nothing bothering me, nothing slowing me.. warrior or fighter, something that won’t let opposition just be opposition.

One project then another. At the beginning of this new story I was a little intimidated by the platforms and infrastructure, how tickets were produced. Now I’m addicted considering all of it like a writing assignment.

Never stopping. That’s the purpose of this ticket… putting every positive thought and pulse and envisage to page. Making it REAL.

This attitude and consideration of the stage and its station imbued, forming and causing swarms new truth.

Seriously, asking myself how I got to this voltage of joy…

Just enjoy it Mike, I say to myself, smiling at page’s lines.