inward jots from #bottledaux …

Mike Madigan
3 min readApr 17, 2024


Sonoma, Peet’s Coffee.

Passport appointment done. Now the wait. Six to seven weeks they told me.

Nowhere to sit here except this leather chair, no outlet close and I’m low on power. So…. Shit. Designing a new attitude and habit with everything from money to when I’m going to sleep. Nurse and I last night calling it at a decent hour, she feeling a little under the weather.

Man walks in the same way I did, with work bag, looking around and realizing he too has to settle for the leather chair.

Meeting at 15:00. Know just what I’m presenting, and the guy behind me is a sales guy more than likely and he feeds me ideas. Not many, but enough to get me into AE character. Not sure if he’s an AE or AM, but still what he says has me in character.

Maybe here’s an outlet outside near one of the tables.

Walk outside look around on small patio, and there’s one. And there’s an outlet. Holy shit, that never happens to me. Thank all flavors of Jesus.

In professor mode, looking down at Plath’s words on my arm, and the pen. THE PEN. It is all written, regardless of story or trajectory.

Man, older, at the table across from me and to the right talks about kids and their phones, the dangers and horror of…