inward jots…

Mike Madigan
2 min readFeb 22, 2024


09:58 in office. Already a LOT of movement. Yesterday at winery client, need to upload notes.

In meeting now, “Town Hall” they call it. Hungry but not letting myself eat till well after 12:00. Today is going to be magical.. I am telling myself. Over and over.

I am deciding that I am done with the negative notes and anything attempting to lower me or my inner vocal ebb.

At my desk, only attaching to the gratitude. Meeting at 11:00 cancelled. Tasks piling though. Good, BRING IT.

Should probably hop off this laptop and onto the other… Blog.Design.Tech. Only thought on the drive to Sonoma County, till I reached the loft, my desk, this laptop.

Resurrecting my to-do ticketing system. One ticket for today, just one to-do.. blog everything till EOD. Till I’m in bed. Record everything… coffee with Nurse this morning, foggy drive once in Sonoma County, and now 11:08 with a free 30 mins I can have time to self.

Coffee, jazz, poetry in head.. write the Nurse something, again…. She is the one shining scene, scene to scene. Above simple character, about a normal story. Not sure how to categorize..

A life lesson in everything with her. One, to be better to myself. More self-care, emphasis on mental health and loving SELF.. nothing wrong with that, at all. In any regard or matter.

Improving self through tasks, work, creative steps.. more than the tag of ‘Productivity’. Everything is narrating to me, everything telling me to more trust the story and its sovereign process.