inward jots…

Mike Madigan
3 min readMar 17, 2024

Fairfield Peet’s.

No glasses so I have to enlarge the screen. Unnerved a bit, all the noise. No headphones and I can’t make the ones the Nurse gave me connect.

Already had a latte, so sparkling water bought here in tall blue bottle. Starting to settle, 08:14. Drove Nurse to work, and things planned for day which includes run, 5k minimum. Need to get back into a routine. Enough of this stalling. Change my day-to-day, entirely and universally. Think about the caution I’ve been exercising on this blog, knowing some unsweetened clowns observe and read, or try to. Then I thought, enough.

ENOUGH, I said to myself last night driving back from our dinner in Sonoma with Mom and Dad and some old family friends the Nurse met for the first time. Red Grape, one of my favorite Sonoma County eateries. Will go back with Nurse.

Using all of this morning, all of it. Have written here only once before, and I feel liveliness reviewing notes from my last JO meeting. Vulnerability, and me being my own world and caring more for that world, giving it more priority. Telling stories and sharing all observations and realization while on this Road… discover your fire and purpose, assign it to yourself…

“No need to compare yourself to anyone else, no one else is you. No one else can BE you. There will never be another you, and there isn’t now. You…