Gratitude JournaL

Mike Madigan
2 min readMay 17, 2024

Education in everything. Me writing in my room like I never have…. Messaging the Nurse, sending her a picture of the desk, thanking her again for it. I can’t stop thanking her, honestly. My thoughts are sharper at this desk, opposed to the old office or writing in the loft at the Nook table.

A gratitude journal but of an expanse and volume I’ve not before offered, or considered. Hmmm…. So what now.

What do I do with this Self-educating practice? Easy…

Be better. Keep getting better. For the kids and your family, the Nurse — for YOU.

My therapist has been quite ardent with his insistence of me to not forget ME. I agree, emphatically. Feels good to hear someone else say it, honestly. FINALLY. A real and serious fucking commitment to Self-care and Self-love…. My therapist, JO, has been an unexpected opportunity to learn more about ME.

So what am I writing about with this Self-education frame? EVERYTHING.

Everything to do with happiness and mental health, self-love and care, peace…. Living, and not existing. A new entertainment of psychology, my own. How I think, and why. Why I react the way I do sometimes. Why I have nerves in one sum and less in others.