Day Trading

Mike Madigan
1 min readOct 25, 2023


Learning to not just let things go but to substitute. Trade. The negative for the profusely and obnoxiously positive and loving.

Seriously, and I say this with certain people in mind — I want my sincere and heartfelt positive give to annoy the shit out of some people. I want it to push them away. Not that I’m angry or hate them, but I’m subbing in someone else. Another like me and those I love that loves to smile and elects to enjoy life rather than complain.

Just a healthier way to be, simply. All candor, my most dominant motivation. Be happy and healthy and alive forever for my kids my people-loves.

I’m hit by it this morning, trading all negativity and pessimism, self-doubt and anxiety, for a swarm of smiles.

Hear a gardener outside, trimming a lawn or something, working hard and so early. His story, work, the entirety of him, no idea. But I’m grateful to wonder, have the opportunity to listen.

Everything around me, urging I move slower. Be grateful, learn… LOVE. This morning, a new idea, prompt, business, EVERYTHING. And the next day, the next…

Beatific. Music, poetry, Art, LOVE… each noise and thought.