Challenges only offer invitation for growth, and ascension, elevation.

Mike Madigan
1 min readFeb 28, 2024

More SELF — Not stopping. Can’t afford to. Feeling my writing beat and tone, sight, all my Composition of character and integral ingredients and components change. Only for the better.

Me, here in office beaming in new opportunity. Any opposition is greeted and welcomed then airily overcome.

That simple.

Onto another project, another story. Reaction is minimal. Not ’cause I don’t care, but from emotion not being permitted any compilation. None. I stop it where it is. Only happiness and gratitude permitted to sprout.

Nearly took an early nap but the Story wouldn’t let me. I, wouldn’t let me. I’m moving, with the Music of the apparent day. Happiness now, and wherever whenever.

Writing notes, to self, any would-be page skimmer. “The day forwards and I with it. Shine, receive, pages and poems, new songs that will see the sky soon…” Tidying up mind then getting out, going for a drive, something. Still early in the day, plenty of time but not. Not taking time for granted or even acknowledging it. Living like life is about to sign me out.

KNOW — This has only galvanized my sight. More alive than EVER.