Mike Madigan
2 min readMar 21, 2024

Nurse left for work, and I decide to work from the VV Peet’s for a while.

Still upset about the call yesterday, the dickhead recruiter saying because I had two employers in the last however many years that I am disqualifies from interviewing? EFF YOU.

Moving on. I’m in fighter form this morning. Let’s go… let’s fucking GO.

Told the Nurse I’d leave for Windsor but not before having some time to self this morning, HERE… writing, collecting, connecting. Three email to send, one text in the queue. Filling funnel however I can… names, companies, geographies like Mark stressed yesterday at lunch.

08:02…. Two emails and two texts sent.

Ideas for prospecting, especially after reviewing my notes form the Mark meeting yesterday. Think outside the box Madigan, what the Nurse demanded last week or before.

Posting everything to blog and making this search the book and blog and all efforts. Sales, a survival skill honestly, how I see it. How I feel, and the methods are will what shield me from certain energies and false-truths.

The Nurse’s words this morning, healing and encouraging. I’m writing all of them… “Give yourself some grace…. Don’t let that dark place overtake…. Don’t go home, be out and around people, find inspiration in what you say people call normal…”